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  • Insight About The Man Behind Global Poker League

    Most of the people in the poker business know Dreyfus, but for those who look for the bio of Alex Dreyfus must continue reading toRead More

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Insight About The Man Behind Global Poker League

Insight About bio of Alex Dreyfus

Most of the people in the poker business know Dreyfus, but for those who look for the bio of Alex Dreyfus must continue reading to understand him better than ever before.


Introduction To Dreyfus

Alexandre Dreyfus has a pride in successfully running the Mediarex Sports & Entertainment company since 2012. He acquired it from the GPI Global Poker Index in 2012 and from the HendonMob.com in 2013. Due to these acquisitions, Mediarex attained a leading position in the digital hub, especially, in the online poker business. About 4 million players in the poker game take services from the company. Moreover, the company actively operates the database with live poker details, which has collected data for more than 12 years. The database consists of 270,000 events. One can find more than 450,000 poker players profile. Know more about Dreyfus and connect via Twitter of Alex Dreyfus for knowing the poker better.


GPL Journey

 Dreyfus stands behind operating the GPL – Global Poker League. The league match broadcast poker game for more than 400 hours and distributed by digital outlets like Sina.com.cn, USA today, Twitch.tv, etc.

The single-league entity GPL has twelve franchises. The prominent three among them include:

  1. Moneymakers – Las Vegas
  2. Rounders – New York
  3. Stars – Hong Kong

The league contracted 72 pokers and considered the best in the globe with a winning of $350mm within 20 weeks season. The final game happened live at Wembley Arena located in London.


Cybergone Concept

 Alex Dreyfus at the age of 19 years has gained the name and fame by making Webcity the online city guides. He continued his internet journey and earned some money.

Later on, he started looking at the American market and from 19 years for three years till his 22, he served as a group’s consultant.

In 1995, he created a website making the company called Mediartis and resold the shares in 1997 to Publicis. Hailing from Lyon, France, the young guy launched Cybergone in 1997 to become Webcity with seven offices and ninety employees across France by 2000. The start of the online city guide allowed internet users to find movie schedule, outing ideas, restaurant plans, etc.

He was lucky to get financial support from Oliver Ginon his “godfather.” This allowed to raise 12 million francs and developed the concept in many cities.

Finally, in the year 2002, Webcity filed a bankruptcy. Cityvox purchased it and considered the direct competitor. This did not let Dreyfus down. Read more to know his journey towards success.


Inception of Online Poker

He wanted to succeed and took nothing other than the lessons he learned. He moved to Malta and started looking at online gaming.

In 2004, he became the co-founder of Winamax. He wanted to give credit to his motherland and hence the online poker site that offered sports betting as well got registered with the license obtained in France.

The revenue of this site skyrocketed and reached more than $100 Million within ten years. In the meantime, he created an online gambling company and became the sole owner in 2006 called chillipoker.com.


Online Poker and Dreyfus Dream To Enter American Market

Chilipoker.com started generating decent revenue since the beginning, and in 2 years it reached $11.7 Million. It has a credit of being the first European company that partnered with the US-based Casino operator. This provided support services and the required technical support. But, this helped him to understand the US online market.

This strategic connection allowed Dreyfus to sell Chilipoker.com and the asset to Bally Technologies which publicly traded and the second colossal maker of the slot machines across the globe.

But, again now there took time to build a new business and Dreyfus spent some time in trading in the online gambling. Still that exposure made him come big time to make his dream come true.

At that time Epic Poker Tour’s parent company and the Federated Sports and Gaming Company dissolved that offered a great chance to Dreyfus. He went forward and bought the company’s asset and there comes the story about the GPI – Global Poker Index. After that Dreyfus took an oath, make the GPI in a big way. He started working in attaining the internationally amalgamated position for Live Poker using the GPI’s supreme unbiased player grading algorithm. He saw great success in this, and he has obtained the name of being the brain behind the online poker game.



Dreyfus states that in entrepreneurial journey started 18 years back with many up and downs. But his vision was clear, and he never gave up. All his efforts, hard work, risk-taking attitude took him to succeed in this endeavor. Today his focus towards making poker as esport will find a new direction for all gaming fanatics.

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